Thailand Adventure!

I've always dreamed of going to Thailand, & now my big brother lives there so my mama & I are taking a trip to visit for his bday! I hope to bond with my family more, explore/embrace the gorgeous nature/culture, & wholeheartedly broaden my horizons :) This goal is just a low estimate for the total cost of my 1 month trip. (i'll also still have to cover rent while i'm away.) All who contribute are helping to make my travels blissful & stress free <3 How you can help & get gifted back! 77 tkns love me 123 tkns have fun! 555 tkns buy me a meal :) 707 tkns travel blessings 1111+ tkns gain access to my private trip snapchat experience 2222+ tkns get ^ & 5 raffle tickets for the souvenirs package 3333+ tkns get ^ & 15 raffle tickets for souvenirs package 5555+ tkns get personal snapchat video while i'm there 7777+ tkns get 1.5 hr Skype before or after trip 8888+ tkns get 1 hr Skype b4 or after trip + hand written post card *if u contribute more than this, I will spoil u extra xO* You can also send monies directly via & I will gift you as well as take the amount off this goal :) ( just convert the tokens to dollars by multiplying X .05, for example 1111 tkns, is $55.55 ) Also, if u buy any of my videos, photosets, or items it will be contributing to this goal as well! * please keep in mind I will be focusing on my family & this new land, so I won't be creating sexual content while I'm away (except in the trip SnapChat when my mom’s not looking hehe.) This is new for me, usually I create content during my trips, but this time it feels right to dedicate my attention to other sides of myself, & i'm happy to share this with u! * Dates: Feb 15 - March 13 Thank you SO much for supporting my dreams! I'm forever grateful to share this joyous life with you <3 ~ let's expand ~
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