I’m going to the AVN Award Show/convention this month, this goal covers my whole trip plus a little wiggle room for missed camnights while in vegas/preparing. I'm really excited and happy to be back on the MFC Scene. Thank you to those who support me as a camgirl & fuel my adventures, I appreciate you more than youll ever know! All ALBUMS on share go towards this goal. Special Tip Options for this Goal--- 444 TKS - Special Vegas Snap Story, A separate story from my main one where I’ll be naughtier than usual during my whole Vegas trip. *must have snapchat *if you buy my lifetime snapchat this month (Jan) you can purchase this option 50% off- 222tks* 1,110 TKS - Get my Snapchat + Access to Special Snap Story *snap is normally 888 2.222 TKS - Special Snap Story + Naughty Polaroid Im going to take in Vegas *sent via snail mail 4,888 TKS - Cool Vegas Tip- Special Snap Story + 2 Vegas Polaroids + Personal Package ** only 3 avail 1/3 11,111 TKS - Naughty Vegas Tip- Special Snap Story + 3 Vegas Polaroids + Panties I wear at CONVENTION + Personal Package *** only 1 avail 0/1 18,888 TKS - Mystery Vegas Tip- Special Snap Story + 3 Vegas Polaroids + Exclusive Naughty Video I’m going to shoot in Vegas for your EYES ONLY *not custom but you’ll love it, I’m sure + Panties *** only 1 avail 0/1 38,888 TKS - Deal of a Lifetime Vegas Tip- Special Snap Story + 4 Vegas Polaroids + XXX Video Custom Video in My Vegas Hotel (I reserved a beautiful place) for your EYES ONLY (you can direct it but consult me before buying to make sure I'm comfortable with request) + Panties I wear to AVN AWARDS + Smiles for days ** only 1 avail 0/1 cheers & Thank YOU!
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