Tattoo Tip Jar

Starting a tip jar to save up for some new ink! All tips here will be set aside in my piggy bank to make me a little more colorful! I drew up some flash sheets for my art enthusiast pals to lay claim to! Reveal each flash item and get your name stamped on it for everyone to see once the whole sheet is uncovered! CAMPING FLASH SHEET! 125 x SOLD! Camp Compass! Hellzchild69 150 x SOLD! Hatchet / Campfire! Hellzchild69 x2 175 x SOLD! Adventure Lantern! Badlandmixxr 200 x SOLD! Treescape! Hellzchild9 250 SOLD! The Happy Marshmellow! Therealtimedtaz Perhaps you'd like to skip the line and see the whole sheet? 234tk will get you a digital copy! 600tk will get you a solid copy in the mail! 750tk will get you a solid copy of all of them in the mail! -- Not all names listed IN the goal group as they were sold in show! -- If you want to make sure you're on the flash sheet as well as here on the goal list tip here instead!<3
Token Goal
The following 1 Item, 1 Club, and 1 Poll contributes to this Goal:
Realtimedtaz 861 Tokens
Kraemus 833 Tokens
DarkCloudySky 488 Tokens
Anonymous 483 Tokens
G00fivey 450 Tokens
Filthy54 408 Tokens
xRonan 390 Tokens
Ethanxyz92 360 Tokens
Anonymous 300 Tokens
Jonfromcalii 249 Tokens
sparecin 203 Tokens
I_M_Steve 201 Tokens
Steven77172 201 Tokens
Anonymous 200 Tokens
WhiskyZero 200 Tokens
Playfull15dk 200 Tokens
Anonymous 150 Tokens
Benz1222 150 Tokens
kling0n 150 Tokens
DeanoEST19xx 150 Tokens
BadAssBandit1 122 Tokens
markylark123 122 Tokens
FlockOfKegels 117 Tokens
Anonymous 100 Tokens
Pants_Hater 76 Tokens
SKHellzchild 51 Tokens
johnsredline 21 Tokens
StoneWhispers 20 Tokens
Hawk_Star 10 Tokens
Anonymous 9 Tokens
Doomy_Tepes 2 Tokens
KingWolfPack 1 Tokens
FoolishNight 1 Tokens
Faeginn 1 Tokens
JaySherm41 1 Tokens
Malarkie420 1 Tokens
Kmartini720 1 Tokens
pLowKs 1 Tokens
BRobb1 1 Tokens
Coffeenuts 1 Tokens