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For the month of November I'd like to get 1993 tips of 25 for my birthday month. If I reach 1993 tips I will be taking a special mystery birthday trip in December! Anyone who reaches level 3 of the mission will receive a new video and photoset I make while on my trip. (Must reach 1993 tips) What level can you reach by November 30? Level 1: 1 Tip- Initiated into the Mission Level 2: 5 Tips- 3 FYEO Pics Level 3: 10 Tips- Exclusive Mission Photoset Level 4: 20 Tips- Exclusive Mission Video Level 5: 30 Tips- Polaroid and Handwritten Thank You Letter Level 6: 50 Tips- Care Package Level 7: 100 Tips- 10min Custom Video Level 8: 120 Tips- 5 Tickets into Mission: Raffle Level 9: 121+ Tips- Each Tip of 25 Gets You A Ticket Into Mission: Raffle **Mission video and photoset will be made while on my Utah trip Nov 6-9. They will be sent out when I am back from my trip. What is Mission: Raffle? Winner of Mission: Raffle receives a 1hr Skype/Movie Night *NEVER BEFORE OFFERED!*
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