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Ⱨ₳ⱠⱠØ₩ɆɆ₦ Ɽ₳₣₣ⱠɆ 🎃 October is almost here and I am making this Halloween the spookiest and sexiest yet! 1 lucky winner will receive an exclusive gift with sexy polaroids, my homemade cookies, and a spooky personalized Halloween card decorated by me and sealed with a vampire kiss 💋 and of course CANDY! I will include some of my favorites, because you know what they say “A candy a day keeps the monsters away” Good Luck my boos! Raffle details - 1 winner for the gift above - 4 runner ups will win 1 polaroid and a card. - Drawing October the 31st PRICES 69 tokens - 1 raffle 690 tokens - 10 raffles 1380 tokens - 20 raffles 6900 tokens - 100 raffles
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