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Every Halloween we spent together was crazy fun. But this year, I want to make it the best, the craziest, the hottest Halloween experience!! And for that, I'm gonna need some pumpkins, in order to decorate properly and create the perfect circumstances for a perfect celebration. Help me decorate and I'll rock this Halloween harder than ever :D But there's other surprises for you as well: -1 pumpkin = 10 Halloween photos, Ara style -5 pumpkins = Halloween exclusive video -10 pumpkins = 1 month access to my Premium Snapchat -15 pumpkins = A special Thank You note on my profile for my Sweet Pie -20 pumpkins = A goodie box + a handmade card (Ara style :D ) -20+ pumpkins = A 20% Discount to any chosen Album (available for 1 month)
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