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What's better than being my Snapchat friend? Probably not much <3. With my Snapchat you get to slide right into my pocket, on and offline! You'll get my daily story line, which give you glimpses into my world, be it cam time, titties, my day job.. Plus you get to be in my pocket and talk with me whenever! I DO respond to snaps, I DO chat and I try my hardest to keep an interesting -naked- story line going! Pro bonus.. I love animals! But really.. who doesn't? ****ONLY RULES**** No D pics or explicit content! UNLESS you've tipped 100tks for the c2c option, whether we're on or offline! Ignoring this rule will get you removed from my Snapchat. Feel free to screenshot! All I ask is that you DO NOT post pictures of me anywhere. Want my butt to be your phones screen saver? Have at it! ;) .. Keep it light hearted and lets keep it fun!!