**Chat Room Tip Poll**
Tip Menu REALLY means Tip Poll in our room!
Here are some fun things to tip for AND it even shows up as an awesome NEW color in the chat!! Prettyyyy!!!! 
287 Votes
2 tokens here for the #1 Poll Option
2 Tokens
Officially not a freeloader - Fuck Yeah!
1 Token
This is my diry talk attempt - Do I make you horny baby!
169 Tokens
SMILE!! Here is your favorite # MJ!
22 Tokens
69 dirty thoughts just for you!
69 Tokens
1111 Tokens
34 Tokens
I am the DJ here is my song - PLAY!
20 Tokens
SnapChat me some Pics NOW ... please
777 Tokens
199 Tokens
222 Tokens
UnMute ME
111 Tokens
Beat High Tip of the Month (20000)!
20001 Tokens
Beat HT of the Year (20000)!
20001 Tokens
Token love for my Wonder Women
77 Tokens
I have a boner!
8 Tokens
Tokens for the Pups, Dylan and Benny!
11 Tokens
Easter Egg - Basket Raffle
77 Tokens
Monthly Mystery Bag RAFFLE!!
99 Tokens
Celebrating 9 Years with MissJade!!
9 Tokens
Celebrating 9 years with MissJadeStar!!!
99 Tokens
Celebrating 9 years with JadeStar22!!!!
999 Tokens
Celebrating 9 years with JADE!!!!!!!!
9999 Tokens
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