Urgent! Vote the new style of my nails!
You all, my knights and fans, know that I love stunning nails. Long, Royal, fetish, red. But! I wanted to do an experiment and try something new for true connoisseurs. For the first time in my life I will change the color of my manicure. Only a real and only one fan will be able to help me in this ;)
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Stop it! Just red and long.
15 Tokens
Black and long.
3 Tokens
Red and short.
3 Tokens
Black and short.
3 Tokens
Nude/beige and long.
3 Tokens
Nude/beige and short.
3 Tokens
Romantical blue long.
3 Tokens
Mettalic silver long.
3 Tokens
Metallic gold long.
3 Tokens
Really crazy unusual colour!
10 Tokens
French manicure long.
3 Tokens
Your own any idea (we will chat about it)
550 Tokens
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