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PLEASE READ Only use this if you're a Badass, Super Badass or an Ultimate Badass! Ask before you tip for Buttplug Shot of Cholula has a limit of 1 per day & no banking FYEO Goodnight Snaps have a limit of 1 per day per member & no banking & can only be tipped for while I'm online Song has a limit of 1 per day per member Options that start with OFFLINE can only be tipped while I'm offline and will be done the next time I log on or whatever day you wish 🌹
26 Votes
Middle Finger
18 Tokens
25 Tokens
1 Booty Spank
30 Tokens
5 Kitty Spanks
77 Tokens
Nipple Lick
108 Tokens
Boob Flexes
166 Tokens
Butt Flexes
177 Tokens
FYEO Goodnight Snap
188 Tokens
Nipple Clamps 5 Min
222 Tokens
Gag 5 Min
255 Tokens
Ice Tease
275 Tokens
Oil Tease
300 Tokens
Catnip For The Baby's
333 Tokens
Gag + Nipple Clamps 5 Min
388 Tokens
1288 Tokens
OFFLINE: Log On Topless
1500 Tokens
OFFLINE: Log On Naked
3000 Tokens
OFFLINE: Log On & Shower
4000 Tokens
OFFLINE: Log On & Cum
5000 Tokens
Shot of Cholula 😈
5555 Tokens
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