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You know I love to make creative fan signs! So get one for yourself on location in Barcelona! I will take your fan sign while I am sightseeing in the city! This is for anyone wanting to contribute to my Barcelona + CamCasa Goal! These tokens will be taken from the goal. To make sure my internet is reliable at hotels and for CamCasa I will be renting a hotspot with unlimited internet. It costs around 200tk/per day. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I will be going to Barcelona for 2 weeks - May 27 - Jun 9 During those two weeks I will be attending Caireen's CamCasa! Basically I will staying in a house with 12 beautiful cam girls!!! LUCKY ME! Models Attending: Caireen, KrissRogue, AbbeyRhode, MissAlisa, NataliaGrey, LilyEvans, MaiFynn, ElleBea, NataliaRae, PrncessBubGum, CoraBorealis, AubreyMae and ME!
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