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NUDE UP: a PearTV cam game play to level up and earn redeemable tickets that get me naked and give me orgasms how to play: 1. join the game by tipping 55 tokens, you will start at level 1 2. your username is entered into my spreadsheet (where your xp/level up progress and ticket winnings are kept track of) and added to the game roster on my profile (updated as you all level up, too) 3. your tips now count toward earning xp to level up and get rewards! how to earn xp toward leveling up: - you'll receive 1 xp per 5 tokens spent in my chatroom and in my mfc share - offline tips and CamYou tips count for double xp! - earn 1 FREE xp for every cam session you say say hello, interact, and hang out during! earn tickets every time you level up! the four possible tickets to earn: - single clothing item off - instant nudity - instant oil/lotion show - instant cumshow the xp needed for each level and their rewards: level 2: 200 xp, you get 3 tickets (3 x clothing item off) level 3: 300 xp, you get 5 tickets (3 x clothing item off, 1 x naked, 1 x oil/lotion show) level 4: 400 xp, you get 7 tickets (3 x clothing item off, 2 x naked, 2 x oil/lotion show) level 5: 500 xp, you get 9 tickets (3x clothing item off, 3 x naked, 2 x oil/lotion show, 1 x cumshow) and an artistic fansign level 6 and beyond: 500 xp, you get 10 tickets (3 x clothing item off, 3 x naked, 2 x oil/lotion show, 2 x cumshow) each level up rules and disclaimers: - anonymous tips and private/group/true private show tokens do NOT count toward earning xp to level up. - single clothing item off ticket cannot make me naked. - oil/lotion show is 8-10 minutes long, please ask before redeeming since prep will be required. must be naked already. - cumshow is a quickie 8-10 minute show, no penetration. ticket can be traded in for 1000 tokens off a special cumshow countdown. - tips in my chatroom during GG shows count toward your level xp, but tickets cannot be redeemed during those shows. - at level 6 and higher, your offline tips will not count for double xp, just the normal amount. - if you do not tip or visit in 90+ days, your level progress will reset to 0 xp. - if you do not tip or visit in 180+ days, you are removed from the game.
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