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MY bae is the BEST bae ! Hi! โ€ใƒ…โคโ™ซ Please join this club ONLY if you are willing to be positive and active part of my life. By joining this club you give me an expectation and impression that you want to be closest person to me and willing to keep the flaw in the chat room, being friendly to other members, chat in our "secret crew chat on mfcshare" and being regurarly online with me. From my side you can expect - a special attention in my room which I would be happy to give - 15% off from any DEAL/CONTENT/OFFERS - If you want you can use "bae" in your name to stand out - MFCShare chat add to stay connected to the crew all the time ( we do chats online and offline) - If you want you can change my name for 1 Day - Get postcards and souvenirs when I travel - Active members getting gifts every 3 months as an appreciation and luv from me. ( Active means - being alive and supportive in the chat room while online and ready to stay in touch with me and making new friends with other members ) * Gifts are personal and unique. The minimum you will get are- a crew plushy wtih bae pendant, cute postcard, polaroid and crew stickers) * if you have not been active more than 3 weeks, your memebrship will be suspended ** PLEASE DO NOT join this club if it does not suit your needs. Thank you โ€ใƒ…โคโ™ซ
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