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Birthday month! It's happening! This will also get you access to any videos I record on my special day! The first 3 to join in June will also get a cute little care package from me! (3/3 Sold!) Show up on my birthday (June20) to redeem: 1 Balloon popped! (prize inside!) 2 Chances at the fap bag! (for insta cum show) 3 Skype Raffle Entries 4 Spanks 5 Second happy dance <3 There will be plenty more birthday fun to plan for! I'm thinking mini cupcakes, candies and helium balloons! FRIENDLY REMINDER!! Don't forget to get your entries in for the panty raffle happening on my Birthday! Charlesbot is taking care of the raffle so join me online and get your entries for 25/250/2500! --Whiteboard discount excludes card games, raffles and Keno!