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This is a club for anyone that loves me and to let me know you are thinking about me when I am not online too! Cool kids club 👊🏻🤣 If you tip you get: -A virtual hug and kiss from Ava. -Name on the list below (all the cool peeps) -Your penis will grow.. it is scientifically proven *Person with the most tips of 7tks for this club is the official "Love King" and wins all of Ava's love and appreciation! Tip 7 as many times as you want to show just how much you love me <3
28 Members
FuntimeOhio x777
AvasPuddinBB x305
TornPrince x123
PIKA2_ x61
Johndoe1BB5 x59
kayfbee x37
DaPolarBeerBB x20
JediTootsBB x19
cydeon x18
DaddyDarkfire x13
attocs x11
Allstars316 x11
NowMoveOva x8
Nightcat_ x8
Eureka444v x7
DarkGemBB x6
JunksaPoppin x5
Its_Me_E x5
ooWALLYoo x5
spider3161 x4
JessePowerrr x4
FreeLoadingBF x3
ThatViewer x2