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Welcome! This Club counts towards Goal shows in public chat room. πŸ’•If you enjoy hanging out with Des in her chat room, and want to show the luv, anytime offline, or every time you are online, as many times as you want! You know what to do. Show me you are thinking of me. πŸ’•When you tip here while I'm live in chat, it shows a green tip vs. a yellow tip. Help keep the luv and fun going. Long durations of chat with no tips is really tough and discouraging for a cam model. πŸ’•FYI- Tip sounds, and tip frenzies are an essential part of a thriving chat room. πŸ’•First 50 Members to join get 1 Free Coffee Skype Date Raffle! πŸ’•The Member with the most Luv each month gets his name on my Club King Wall! πŸ’•Remember all tokens build into your Posse Status and additional perks! Add my Free Snapchat: sipsofwine to follow along! Disclaimer: *I reserve the right to revoke your membership and discontinue our connection at anytime I feel uncomfortable, or if you are aggressive or disrespectful to me or to my members. Members who play well with me will enjoy a wonderful time. If you are banned in chat, you automatically lose your Club perks! It is illegal and punishable by law to host pirated content on the internet.
38 Members
RiskyRiot x2314
WalWinder x390
bozzmann21 x204
Eastie_Beasty x103
Adixion x93
ShyGuy6667 x90
MidWestSam x60
blueloon76 x47
Sykmo x40
Prog420ress x31
PortPrince x21
DieselCaat x14
Ginge1981 x13
Czartacus x11
Sulvaran x11
MacAngus69 x10
rcpunisher x9
Phiill__ x6
Sndman x6
Giggla79 x5
BigdadyD6942 x5
LonelyLooner x5
vilefrog x3
Polarmagick x2
woohoo86 x2