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***** THIS STORY IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO MEMBERS OF THE KNIGHTS (550 monthly) AND THE TEA PARTY (225 monthly). If you are NOT a member of either of these clubs and you tip for this, I cannot reimburse you for your error - so PLEASE, club members only!! ***** The snap story you've all been waiting for! Well, some of you, at least - I'm now offering extra spicy snaps on my most exclusive story, after five years of teasing ;D Titties! Nipples! BOOBS! This club is available only to CURRENT members of the Knights and the Tea Party! What I snap... ✅ Daily topless snap photos ✅ Lots of lewds and sexier selfies ✅ Teases when I feel like it! My rules... 🚫 Please no dirty talk in replies to my snap. I'm comfortable with appreciation ("wow", "you look amazing", etc) but I'm not comfortable with sexting so please keep your ... erm. .. bodily reactions to yourself LOL 🚫 ABOUT SCREENSHOTS: Very simple: Everyone can screenshot lewds. Only TEAPARTY can screenshot any snap with visible nipples. If I catch a non-TEAPARTY screenshotting nudes, I will remove you from the story without refund and possibly remove you from the Knights. This is your one warning!
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