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THE STORY YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! Well, some of you, at least - I'm now offering the chance to finally see me topless, after five years of teasing ;D I post daily topless snaps and once a week I will be posting a topless snap show for you to enjoy~! ** This is for ONE MONTH (31 days) of topless snaps~! ** This club is ONLY AVAILABLE TO CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE KNIGHTS. If you are NOT a Knight and you tip for this, I cannot reimburse you for the error - so PLEASE, Knights only!! What I snap... ✅ Daily topless snap photos and mini teases ✅ Weekly topless snap shows - things like bath shows, shower shows, wet t-shirts, etc. My rules... 🚫 Please no dirty talk in replies to my snap. I'm comfortable with appreciation ("wow", "you look amazing", etc) but I'm not comfortable with sexting so please keep your ... erm. .. bodily reactions to yourself LOL 🚫 Absolutely NO SCREENSHOTS of this story. Screenshotting the topless snap story will result in me removing you from the Knights, off of my snap, and banning you from my room.