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********🅝🅔🅦 🅛🅞🅦🅔🅡 🅟🅡🅘🅒🅔!******** My snapchat story includes some sexy stuff, some funny and real life stuff. And dogs. :) My snaps sort of share my personal time, so this is a way to get to know me better than what you see on cam. As noted on the image, I do take some days off, and mostly only post the sexy stuff on camming days. I don't mind some direct messages but can't reply to everything all the time. I try to watch all my snap friends' stories, too! I add many of my snap story recordings to this club page so that you can rewatch and download them if you like! I'll clear it out every month or so, but it's an added value and bonus to being a snap club member! When you purchase this, you'll get a secret note with my username. **YOU MUST ADD ME, THEN I'LL ACCEPT YOUR REQUEST** If your name on snap is different than here, please let me know via MFC mail so I know to accept you. Your subscription will end after 60 days. Resubscribe whenever you like. Using the "auto-renew" feature is the easiest way to keep your subscription going! If you're resubscribing after I've removed you, don't forget to delete and re-add me, otherwise you will not show up in my "added" and I won't be able to find you!