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LOOT: ★ All current & retired videos ★ Discounted Content ★ Current & Future Recordings - minus the fap club show recordings, those are in a separate club. ★ Snapchat - I got reported on snap so this is non nude now. - I use this for cam updates and the FYEO perks that come with clubs - Screenshots Allowed - For daily nudes check out my OnlyFans! ★ Friend add/PMs ★ 1 Dick Pic - You can send me 1 dick pic and I won't crucify you lul - Make it count bb you only get 1 😈 - This applies to past UBs ★ Club Badge ✨ ★ Name listed in end credits ★ Discord Server - Once you tip you automatically have the link in the hidden note - Current Channels: General, Memes, Hentai, Pokemon, Nudes, Furbabies, Games, Anime, Movies, TV shows, & Food - A way to keep in touch with me and everyone in the room offline as a group and for me to share things with you guys in a more private setting. - I won’t be able to constantly be in discord, but will hop in from time to time. ★ 3 Snap Days - This is a day where I don’t post on my story and only send snaps to you. - The only guaranteed way to chat with me offline. - You will be my main focus as I go about my day. - Will include daily life, nudes, & chatting. ★ 5 Wheel Spins - It’s up to you to PM/MFC Mail me when you want it. ★ 30 Random FYEO Snaps - Random nudes/short tease clips sent over the course of a month or so ★ 8 Goodnight Snaps - Can be on random days or you can pick the day as long as it works for me and I’ll be home - This includes a short video of me telling you a bit about my day and goodnight & 2 nudes ★ Badass tip menu ★ Care package *panties, 10 polaroids, stickers, magnets, print, & thank you letter* - Panties can be clean, dirty, or perfumed - You can pick the outfit/nude for the polaroids or I can surprise you. - Please allow me a week or two after you give me the details to prepare this and get it shipped out. Shipping takes 1-2 business days for US or 5-10 business days for international. You can tip 350 extra if you live overseas and want expedited shipping. ★ 20 raffle tickets - Must MFC Mail to claim TIP OFFLINE & YOU CAN PICK 3 OF THE FOLLOWING EXTRA LOOT ITEMS: - 100 Spanks - 20 Extra Random Snaps - Extra Snap Day - 10 Extra Polaroids - 8 Additional Goodnight Snaps *DISCLAIMER* Updated September 2019 Loot items are subject to change at anytime. I have the right to remove you from the club & revoke your loot if you’re toxic or make me uncomfortable.
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