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Relentless, is the best way to describe you…you love not just Rock, but RocknRose herself...and you will follow her everywhere…if she is in a concert…on television…at a restaurant…in the secret room…you will always be there for her… ***How to join the Rock'n'Club*** There are 2 ways you can be part of this club. ONE - You can join any level of the Club by tipping the exact tip for that level. OR TWO - You can tip X times the previous level as specified in each level. Ex: The Pitt (Reserved Seating X5) means… 880 X 5 = 4400. When choosing this option your name will show how many times you have tipped and when you move to the next level your name will remain. Ex: AdminLeo X3. Whenever you have been in one level your name will forever remain there, if you move up or not. You can enter each level as many times as you wish with no limitations. ***BENEFITS*** --RESERVED SEATING level gets private twitter and a selfie sent to them via private twitter message. --PITT level gets previous benefits+ a Rockn' photo gallery created only for this club and will not be released for other sales. --VIP level gets previous benefits+ a Video created only for this club and will not be released for other sales. --ROCKSTARS!!! This is where the craziness get ALL other benefits AND an original one of a kind drawn cartoon from a real ROCKSTAR with your name on it to be used only by you and placed on the stage. (YOU WON'T BELIVE HOW COOL THESE ARE) ROCKSTARS will only be revealed for your choosing when becoming a ROCKSTAR. ROCKSTARS can also purchase other ROCKSTARS and personalized items.
59 Members
RocknKing x4185
RocknCraig x2306
Monkey_Sam x1254
LubasEric x1002
Whoopde x463
RocknMule x394
CappuccinoSam x391
RocknAlex_ x369
RocknPhilogyP x262
Gullibleboy x228
noodleNIKKI x177
B_Urslf x167
rocknrarely x158
VirtueNVice x112
King x102
RocknWander x95
XRoczWitcherX x94
RocknDJ x80
RangerRose2 x34
Lookin4Fun777 x34
RxRocknKJ x26
Trckin_it_78 x24
AdysBill x23
krazy_jake x20
MamasTokens x11
Rickbhistory x10
tapefanleon x10
Herblove6913 x10
TheDerkKnight x9
redalert55 x7
psbfuckker x6
robytax x5
el_Rillo x4
Jake1012 x4
Waffles_ x4
milidewme x3
tommy_2_tone x3
Dickdodge69 x2
Rocknjbd x2
stan_mmxvii x2
WackoTaco x2