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xx girl


January 24, 2019 at 11:37 AM
No nudity? No sexual stuff? No masturbating? What happened?

Short answer: It isn't who I am anymore.

Long answer: 
Sometimes life deals you a shit hand. Knocks you down a peg. Or in my case, hundreds of pegs, bruising some parts of me on the way down then flung me to the wolves. A domino effect of bad luck carried out for months and lingered over me for a year. I lost parts of myself during all the stress. This all sounds really stupid and dramatic to say. I have no other way of explaining it. I guess it's like when you look back on your past self and it feels as if you are reminiscing about a completely different person. 

Passion for what my audience was used to seeing from me depleted. I felt guilty for not being able to be consistent like I wanted due to what I was going through. I felt guilty if I didn't give people what they wanted, even when it went against my own comfort. There is some serious expectation to be sexual all the time. I mean, that is primarily the purpose of this platform. I totally get that. 

MFC can be full of such garbage honestly. Drama and negativity behind every corner.  You need at least five different heart-shaped sunglasses to block all the haters... lol ok that was lame. Really though, even my own actions in the past may have confused or hurt people in the community. I won't deny I have made my own mistakes too. We are always growing and hopefully learning from our faults. Something that always draws me back to MFC is the feeling of acceptance in my own chat room. It has proven to be such a positive space for me and others during some very dark times.

I know most people are here for something else. That isn't me. I am here trying to have a good time on my own terms. If you are here for that, then I appreciate ya and look forward to spending more time together <3

this got long af i am so sorry lol

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