New Boobies Surgery

As most of you know --i had problems with my brests implants since i put them in 2014( lots of pain, could not use right hand to much ) so in 2018 i decide to make again surgery--STILL DIDNT FIX THE PROBLEMS , STILL BIG PAIN! I decide to remouve implants the for a while , let breats to heal and try put implants again in 2 months! All this surgery been super expensive during time( + morgage+ bills+ other healthy issuses) i cant afford anymore to pay 3300 euros!! So if u wanna help me with this goal--I WOULD APRECIETE MORE THen U CAN IMAGINE--I CANT STAY WITHOUT IMPLANTS , MY BREATS DOESNT LOOK GOOD ANYMORE! Every tips get videos or depends how much u tip u can get even more stuff ! Thank u --for listening me and for tipping !!<3
Feb 21st 2019
Apr 21st 2019
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