Girls Day Out

As many of you know, I recently told my friend Sam that I'm a camgirl. She now has her very own "perv" account and enjoys chillin in the room with us from time to time under the alias "MJsSandman". She's not shy, feel free to say hello =) Thank you so much for sending us to the Spa together in November 2018, it was our first big girls day out and we had such a good time thank you for such a relaxing day, those are hard to come by before a December run! <3 Girls Day Out Take 2! One of the first things Sam and I bonded over was our love of the Backstreet Boys. This year we hope to see them live in concert and to share the experience with our top contributors here through a "Share Story" Our top contributors will receive special snaps from our Girls Day Out and we will be forever grateful for your love and support <3
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