URGENT CARE ER BILL ♥ Get well soon ♥

Every little bit helps and will be rewarded ***Update 7/10/18 Fever came back and I had to visit the ER for 2 days. I was given 3 IVS, several shots, and the bloodwork took forever due to slow circulation. I had to get 5 different types of testing done and 2 medications I've been on over the last 2 weeks. I've been weak and unable to eat, also my diagnosis included having to abruptly start and incredibly strict and expensive diet, on top of not being able to keep much food down. I have another doctors visit this week to be checked up, more treatment, and more medicine to cover. I've fallen very sick again. I don't have insurance and even the cheapest of options out here is going to cost me hundreds. I know this is a lot to ask for, but I'm really trying to get back on my feet. I've been unable to work all week. This medicine makes it unsafe for me to drive for my delivery job, and though I got hired at a vanilla job this week, I can't start in this condition. I've been running a 100-102 fever for almost 2 days and if it doesn't get better tomorrow I'm going to be in a rough spot. To break it down $200/4000tkns will cover my general doctors visit $100/2000tkns will hopefully cover medicine/perscriptions $400/8000tkns is the amount of bills I still have to make up for The rest will serve as a buffer for anything else I may need, and next months bills since I'm unable to work rn you can tip outside of tokens WITH NO NOTE gpay kittenkendal@gmail.com cash.me/kitkendal Token Rewards 100 Snap 200 Video 500 5 vids 1000 25 vids 2000 All Vids 3000 Custom video
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