Thanksgiving Cooking Show

Is that time of the year...for my American friends will be Thanksgiving on November the 22nd. So that you can keep on eating (at least with your eyes :P) I will have a sumptuous and delicious Thanksgiving Cooking Show on Friday November 23rd. It will be a full meal with Starters....Main Course...AND...Dessert. Help me in the next two weeks by making suggestions to what I should cook and we will discuss in public chat and lets see what we can come up with. This is our little goal for Thanksgiving... * All contributors of 300 tokens or more will get a very special dessert video.....
Token Goal
Whoopde 241181 Tokens
RocknKing 182571 Tokens
ROCKNBUDDHA 72078 Tokens
PopkaBubbles 32720 Tokens
Monkey_Sam 31254 Tokens
rocknrarely 5065 Tokens
noodleNIKKI 3999 Tokens
RocknCraig 3474 Tokens
ScoobUnderBra 1055 Tokens
MJs_Fav1 930 Tokens
viiviivii 900 Tokens
RocknDiego45 777 Tokens
RocknWander 777 Tokens
RocknPhilogyP 754 Tokens
Gullibleboy 736 Tokens
RocknDJ 351 Tokens
Virolac 333 Tokens
RocknMule 302 Tokens
RocknCosmo 300 Tokens
Fred_Right 300 Tokens
XRoczWitcherX 300 Tokens
bluecup51 160 Tokens
cottonjoe8 100 Tokens
Nice_Miki 90 Tokens
arturo3232 50 Tokens
VirtueNVice 26 Tokens
stan_mmxvii 26 Tokens
Rickbhistory 25 Tokens
Anonymous 25 Tokens
m2blickride 17 Tokens
Joms30 10 Tokens
DiamondBob68 8 Tokens