CammiCams Breast Augmentation Repair & Replace

August 2000 is when I had my Saline over/under the Muscle Breast Augmentation. Back in 2013 my Left Breast fell out of the Muscle and I went to see my Plastic Surgeon. He informed me that I could go another 10 years without Surgery, if there are NO Problems. Because I had no money at the time to get them fixed back then. Well now I am feeling a Stingy Burning Sensation underneath my Left Breast. NOT GOOD and NOW it's completely out of the Muscle! I have scheduled an appointment Feb 26, 2019 with my Doctor. But I have NO Money to get them replaced and I have NO Savings due to other Life Events. I need $6000 (Cost of the Surgery and time out of work.) to have them redone and fixed. I am a FULL TIME Webcam Model and this is my ONLY Source of Income! So I need your HELP with this possible Critical Situation if they POP on or off cam. Why am I saying that? Well they say that you should Saline Breast Implants replaced every 10 years. Well mine are 19 this year and you can clearly see in my CammiCams Videos. The gap between the Left & Right Breast and that the Left Breast is almost in my Arm Pit. Also, during my shows I hold it up to prevent further damage. Just to prove that this is NOT a SCAM or a JOKE. I will post a Video to further demonstration the Severity of this Situation. *All MFC Share purchases count towards this goal!* Thank you for helping in advance! CammiCams Tip 10,000 Tokens and get a Thank you Custom Video. After I get my fixed & replaced + your choice of 100 of my HD Videos. Tip 20,000 Tokens and get ALL of the ABOVE + ALL VIDEOS filmed after my surgery + SnapChat for LIFE! Tip 50,000 Tokens and get a NO SEX MEET & GREET + EVERYTHING ABOVE! DON'T LET LIFE EVENTS TAKE MONEY AWAY FROM THIS GOAL! 3/10/19 My Dog's had to have 2 teeth pulled minus $400
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