Hope Animal Association Shelter fund

UPDATE: Land was bought!! :X Thank you from soul! Now the next step is putting fences,getting all the houses for dogs ready and build a water fountain. This is gonna be a big project and cost some more so Im asking your help to continue this goal. We are making this second Fund Raising to support the fountain and all materials neccesary to start building. Hope Animal Association is providing a home and care and love for over 100 furry friends - 40 cats and over 70 dogs . From them i adopted Maisha, and every time i go in visit i just melt. I try every month to help them with donations for food ,sand,veterinary treatments and all they need. Cats are hold in their apartment but dogs have a place rent near Bucharest special made for them. But recently the rented place is not available anymore so they need to move all. And they need a big help to rent another land and rebuild all dogs houses and fountain so I made this goal in hope we can give a lil help together. Every single token is appreciated. Let's help the furry friends! :*:*
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