New 4k Remote Controlled Webcam

Well, the most amazing thing for streaming has arrived. I've been pretty tech savvy with my cameras lately, but this is something I didn't even know what coming. A 4K Remote Controlled Camera - similar to my current Remote Controlled camera that I have (it's a really old version, refurbished, and has actually malfunctioned). This camera would enhance shows & performances with a crystal clear image, and would be the only camera I have capable of streaming in 4K quality. (My current computer specs are not able to put out 4k Quality streams yet but I will be upgrading soon - nonetheless this will be a really clear stream). If you'd like to contribute to this goal so I can purchase this camera, it would be amazing. You can tip towards the goal, or send me Amazon Gift Cards that I can save up to make the purchase (send to The total price of the camera is $1,499.00 currently.
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