20s Aerial Hoop Show

In United States the Roaring 20's was a time of defying traditional moral standards, new styles of clothing and dancing, it was a decade of newness, wildness and fun! Join me on bringing back this time and celebrating it in my new Aerial Hoop Show with 20's music, dancing and fun. And yes thats me on the photo :P *I will create a video for this show which will go on sale for 900 tokens after the show. **I will also have a 20's Photogallery which will go on sale after the show for 500 tokens. ***All contributors of 500 tokens or more before the show will get this video for free. ****All contributors of 800 tokens or more before the show will get both the video and the gallery for free.
Token Goal
Whoopde 178005 Tokens
RocknKing 92715 Tokens
ROCKNBUDDHA 58279 Tokens
Monkey_Sam 35314 Tokens
rocknrarely 19999 Tokens
ArmaDude_O 15946 Tokens
RocknWander 15886 Tokens
PopkaBubbles 11015 Tokens
noodleNIKKI 5592 Tokens
RocknCraig 2745 Tokens
RocknDiego45 2544 Tokens
Ramble_On 1000 Tokens
ScoobUnderBra 900 Tokens
Fred_Right 819 Tokens
RocknPhilogyP 809 Tokens
sportsman999 800 Tokens
psi_ur_ass 698 Tokens
Gullibleboy 581 Tokens
RocknMule 500 Tokens
Dr_Biker 400 Tokens
RocknDJ 367 Tokens
VirtueNVice 314 Tokens
katbeach 126 Tokens
XRoczWitcherX 96 Tokens
Virolac 33 Tokens
Steevo88 30 Tokens
Charlie_Kans 1 Tokens