Moving into My First House House {BUNDLES NOW INCLUDED!

**Check Profile for Blown Up Photo of Sales if You Can't See Them! ***Or Save and Open It <3 This is something I never thought I would honestly do. Coming from a 34 ft RV and going to a 3 bedroom with an actual YARD for my puppies. I get. My Own. CAM ROOM. Like. WHAT THE FUCK. I've been caming from my own bedroom (which can't be taxed!!), and I am so grateful for all you amazing peeps that has made my room amazing! Anway. Before I lose it and get over emotional like I always do, this goal is here to help get into my New Home by covering move in expenses, and unnecessary days off, and cam furniture to revamp my Cam Room! I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate you all for finding something to enjoy from me. I hope I deserve all your love and weird jokes. You da best! <3
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