I love me a SunBunny

This goal is basically just a number I see all models have!! I do not think or expect this to happen over night but a girl can dream and who doesn't like goals and dreams? Want to be a cool person and support me? It would mean the world to me. Now jokes aside this year has been rough due to the money that I had saved up being basically frozen by Choice and maybe never get them. It felt like I started over and your help is incredibly apreciated. All my dreams to start a business for myself this year have gone poof bcs of this situation, so instead of saving for a business with the last goal that we reached I have been funding my apartment decoration and furniture. I will forever be greatful for every tip, either is 1 , 100 or 1000 I will be smiling from one ear to another because your kindness wont go unnoticed. I love you and thank you for everything. Every tip will be rewarded , every single one of them based on the size of it !! <3
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