An takes New York!

As some of you may already know, I have travelled to the US for the very first time, last year in Sep. and went to LA for a week. I loved it and I would like to explore more of USA, a bit every year. It has been my absolute dream to see New York City ever since Sex in the City was playing on the screens, 20 years ago, and I think I'm finally taking this step. I plan to visit sometime around October and though it will require some careful planning since I don't even have any pet sitting solution for my little zoo yet, I'm confident I will sort it out and the first step to this journey should start here, with a goal. I'm taking this amazing opportunity that MFC share has created for us models to get you involved in helping me achieve my dream trip. I will be using the funds collected through this goal set to buy my flight, book my stay and treat myself with different goodies while in NYC. And of course, buy myself some nice lingerie to wear on cam for you when I come back! # PRIZES # Biggest contributor will win a Skype session with me as soon as I come back from my trip! The TOP 10 contributors will have special access to a private album upon my return filled with all my favorite pictures and videos from the trip! Love you guys and thank you in advance for you contribution to my goal! <3
Token Goal
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Cyrano_ 500 Tokens
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