Unsuspecting cottage sex dungeon deposit

ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (This will be a LONG LONG TERM GOAL.... obviously haha) I think after having to move 12 TIMES in the last 5 years.. I may need to start doing that thing called SAVING FOR A DEPOSIT. As you can imagine, when I asked the bank for a mortgage for a sex dungeon they weren't too excited to hand the readies over.. so.... There will be loads of stuff for anyone who contributes to this. Besides my cheeky paragraph above, having a home that is safe and truly mine really would mean the world. I was in two minds to do this, but fuck it. Highest tipper can pick all the wall colours. (total lie... i'm way to obsessed with interior design for that. I'll think of something!) FIRST THING: 7000 - Videos of me masturbating INSIDE famous London landmarks. I'm not joking!!!! (THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THESE THEY ARE NOT PART OF ALL VIDEOS ETC. ITS A SPECIAL THING FOR THIS GOAL ONLY!!!!!!!) xx
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