Hey! Yep, here goes a big goal, for a big life event! Since the day I started renting this house I am in right now, Ive wanted to make it mine. The owners have not yet talked about selling it, but are currently living in a bigger house (that they also own) closer to the center of Cancun AND are talking about moving to Spain. This house was built in 2014, so its brand new. It has everything I want and more. I do plan on moving to a more remote location in 5 years or so, but the area around the house is BOOMING, which means the value will go up for sure. It is also very unique because of its backyard.Very few houses have ANY sort of space at the back of the house, let alone a pool. Once all the goals are done, I will sit down with the owners and make an offer. (no it wont be that simple and yes I will have professionals to help me) I love this place and wether its for life or to rent or sale in the future, its a damn good investment and way better than paying rent. My little family is so happy here and you all know this! Thank you soooo much for everything youve done for me and for helping me with this giant goal!
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