Moving! to Better place

That's right, I want to move :) My lease is up in April & it's time that I relocated myself into a better place! I've been surrounded by a violent neighborhood & loud construction noises for 2 years now... & I'm SO ready to upgrade my lifestyle. it's so important to have peace at home <3 PLUS I have a dream of living in a place that has tall ceilings so I can actually mount my aerials apparatus at home & can practice as much as my heart desires! I want to travel the world performing aerials, & having the home space to train as much as i want would be DIVINE :O (also some quiet nature would be wonderful) i'm thankful for the lil nest i'm in, it's been a valued stepping stone. Now let's move on....& move up! (rewards for contributors will be announced soon- for now i just wanna get the ball rolling ;) I am sincerely & abundantly grateful for all support! thank u for bettering my life xOOOOOOOOOOx Goldie (pretend that cartoon image looks like me hehe) P.S. u can always support me via <3 (I’ll subtract gift rockets from this countdown)
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