Moving! to Better place

That's right, it's moving time! :) I'm relocating myself into a better place ASAP. I've currently been in an apartment, surrounded by a violent neighborhood, loud construction noises, & crazy neighbors for 2.5 years now... yep, I'm SO ready to upgrade my lifestyle. it's important to have peace at home, and soon i will <3 My dream new place will be a spacious house, and it will have a YARD (so I can put up an aerials rig & practice whenever I want, also garden!) There will be a designated cam room so we can play to our hearts desire. It will be in a quiet neighborhood, the sounds of birds in the morning. Ask me more about it if you like ✨ LET'S MAKE SOME MAGIC HAPPEN! I am sincerely & abundantly grateful for all support 💛 thank u for bettering my life xOOOOOOOOOOx Goldie (pretend that cartoon image looks like me hehe) P.S. u can always support me via I am also offering awesome clubs u can join, that have many rewards! see my clubs tab 😉🤘🏼
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