Beep Beep! The Kooky Mobile Fund!

As some of you know this beep beep means a lot to me and after her recent service it came back with a fair bit of work needing to be done, some of it would be MOT fail! I really want to try and keep this vehicle going as long as I can! The service was done by a VW garage and obviously their prices were pretty high but I've been able to actually get everything on the list done for almost one third of the price with a small independent garage! Phew! So this goal is to basically cover the cost of the work I needed to get done and I greatly appreciate any help towards it! These are tokens I need to make above my normal minimum cam goal! Anyone that tips 200+ tokens to this goal will get a little thank you card (a VW illustration art card I draw) in the post (or digitally if you prefer) and ALL tips towards the goal will receive the digital version when the goal is completed! Thank you Thank you xxx
Token Goal
Dave__O 5220 Tokens
WazzaSnowKC_X 1720 Tokens
Anonymous 1300 Tokens
batbad_KC 1288 Tokens
UKnewfella 251 Tokens
BigDiqB23 97 Tokens
Daniel_SnowKC 66 Tokens
NoFoxLeft 40 Tokens
OhnonononoYes 11 Tokens
stevesq 10 Tokens
moomoo1001 2 Tokens