Dad's surgery/Very last min trip to Canada

Hey guys! Alright. If you have been in my room this weekend, youve seen me a bit as a roller coaster thats for sure. Heres the thing Ive only told 2 ppl so far. My 70yrs old papa is getting heart surgery this Wednesday. Technically, its not supposed to be THAT dangerous, but its the fucking heart. Complications and...consequences are always possible. I havent had a good relationship with my dad for the past 5 yrs for many reasons: my job, my choice of quitting Uni, his witch gf, his inability to communicate and all the fucked up things that happened when my parents got divorced when I was a teen. Add to that that he travels the world for work and with his gf, but never has had the time to come visit his daughter in Mexico (ive asked him so many times...) in the last 5 yrs. This shit has been breaking my heart you have no idea. About 2 weeks ago I had a brief conversation with him and ended up telling him two main things: that he made me feel worthless and that his only trip to Mexico would end up being me throwing his fucking ashes in the sea. Yep thats rough, but guess what...he finally fucking woke up. 5 days later he called me and told me he was coming in June. I couldnt believe it. Really. Like...for real? His tickets are booked. He wants to come see me. My harsh words worked. What else worked? His doctor telling him he needed an emergency heart procedure. Like I told him...the clock is ticking. So bad news, my dad has to have surgery...good news (if everything goes well) he will finally come visit me! I want, I NEED to go see him after his surgery. He's 70. Its time to talk and be close like we used to be. This goal is to pay for my flight. Im not gonna lie I am a total emotional mess, but hopefully everything will get better. I will be totally off the grid from Wednesday to Saturday -ginger
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