POV Beta Sissy Cuckolding

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Full Length 22 Minutes • Downloadable • 720p
As I'm relaxing at home in my lingerie, I noticed someone watching me from my closet. I call you out, telling your perverted ass that if you don't come and face up to the consequences, I'm going to tell everyone about what you've done. You're going to regret spying on me, you have no idea what I'm capable of. First I tease and strip in front of you, showing off my body and reminding you that you'll never be able to touch me. I put on my strap-on and make you worship it, fucking your ass and humiliating you while I do it. As I'm punishing you, my boyfriend comes home, he comes in and takes my place fucking your ass, then shows you what it looks like when a real alpha man fucks me. I know when we're finished that you now understand and accept your place as a beta bitch. tags: cuck, sissy, verbal humiliation, shaming, blackmail, strapon, strip tease, brunette, tattoos, female domination, alternative, doggy style, pov femdom, eyes, eye contact, honest humiliation, psychological domination