Jeans Heels Anal

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24 Minutes • Downloadable • 720p
I'm dressed in tight jeans and high heels, my favorite form of casual chic. I see you are sitting there on the sofa, lazily flipping through the TV channels. I walk in front of you and sway my hips to the sounds of my heels hitting the concrete floor - click, click, click, click. I see you pretend to ignore me and move your head because now I'm blocking your view to the TV. But I also see your pants start to bulge. I turn my back towards you and bend over, my hands sliding down my legs. "Do you want this?" I ask innocently. With a gasp, I suddenly realized you were right behind me. I didn't realize you could move this fast. With a rough pull, you have my jeans halfway down my legs. You push me down to the floor with my ass up in the air and head down. You reveal that bulge and pull out your massive cock. You wet your palm and lube the tip of your cock. I close my eyes and bite my lips as you push that cock deep into my ass...