Girlfriend Misses You


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Full Length 20 Minutes • Downloadable • 4k
As I was laying down in bed reading, I finally get a phone call from you. You’ve been away for nearly a month while traveling on a business trip. You finally have some alone time, and we both decide to take advantage of it. I tell you to Facetime me so you can see what I am wearing - a sexy black tank top and a black thong. You ask me to do a little spin for you, and I can tell that you like what you are seeing. I decide to start touching myself, and you do the same while we both watch one another. I slowly and sensually take off my clothes and tease you with my body. I finger my pussy while telling you how much I miss your cock being deep inside of me. I get my dildo so I can show you what I would do to your cock if you were here with me. I suck on it and deepthroat it for you - just the way you like it. I stick it in my extremely wet pussy, and cum in your favorite position. I zoom in to show you how hard I came just for you, as my cum drips everywhere. Come home soon so I can do all of this to your cock…
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