The Abduction

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Full Length 9 Minutes • Downloadable • 1080p
Short Description: Two chicks give a blowjob and its awesome. Its just the beginning of them turning into alien sluts. ------------ Long Description: Zoey has this strange feeling that someone's been watching her. She wakes up from an awful dream and can't get back to sleep. She calls Anna and asks her to come over. Anna shows up to Zoey's house, only to find they both are being abducted by aliens. You wake up to see Anna and Zoey are trapped with you on a space ship, completely naked. Anna is adamant about finding a way home. Zoey is curious about the strange vapor coming from the air vents. You agree to help them find a way out, but only if they fix your problem. Your dick has been hard since the experiment started and you need them to help you cum. Anna and Zoey eagerly suck your cock, surprised by what horny sluts they've become since being abducted. Little do they know, this is only the beginning of their cravings. They suck your cock until you cum all over their beautiful faces. After you've turned these innocent girls into cum hungry sluts, you take them home. Anna and Zoey think the story story ends there, but its just the beginning... ------------ Check out PART 2 exclusively at ------------ Check out PART 3 at . ------------ (Previews for Part 2 and 3 at the end of this video) -------- Make sure to follow Zoey everywhere! @ZoeyIslandMFC ------------ Go to for 100s of exclusive videos not posted here.