Daughter Corrupted By Daddy's HypnoRay!

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13 Minutes • Downloadable • 1080p
1920 X 1080 This is a taboo role-play show I did with a customer that was recorded and uploaded with their permission. Your daughter has been ordered by the court to come see you, and she's not very happy about it. She's already calling you a sleazeball and talking down to you. Little does she know you've got a plan that will transform your little prude of a daughter forever... After the 1st flash of your hypn0ray, she doesn't even know what hit her, and she starts overtly flirting with you and identifying with your urges she once thought were fucked up. She unbuttons her crop top and shows some cleavage, but she's still too reserved for your liking, and you flash your hypn0ray again. Now she's getting turned on and letting go, She strips off her top and shows off her huge breasts and talks extremely dirty to you. With every flash of your ray your daughter gives into her inhibitions a little more. She starts masturbating for you and even talks about doing cam shows with your wife and younger daughter! Now that's more like it! She's become your twisted little girl and is turning herself and you on more and more as she says things that even you never thought of. She talks about her younger sister and how nicely she's developing, and how she wants to bring her and scissor with her right in front of you! The little slut is so turned on by the twisted fantasies she's telling you, and just like that her pussy explodes like you've never seen before! Who knew your daughter could do that!? (seriously my squirts in this clip are HUGE!). After your daughter has made a mess everywhere, she promises she'll be back to visit you much more often, and bring mommy and little sister too. Perfect, you can use your hypn0ray on them too, and your three girls will be all yours!
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