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MFC Share Updates Oct 20

October 20, 2018 at 10:11 AM
1. Blogs  You can create one or more Blogs (like this one) which may be set as Free or Club-Only. Blogs may contain HTML, embedded videos from your MFC Share, YouTube, SoundCloud, as well as your Twitter and Instagram widgets.  You may even embed your blog on another website, the way that this MFC Share blog is embedded into the MFC Model News page.

2. Specials  You can now create Specials for Members where if they buy something they can get something else included for free. For example, if someone tips for an Album, they become a member of a Club for free.  Or if someone tips for an Item, they get a Collection for free.

3. Share Tips  Your MFC Share profile now has a Share Tip link where you can be Tipped offline directly through your MFC Share.

4. Club Stats  Next to your My Clubs there is a link to your Club Stats where you can see new subscribers to your Clubs, renewals, expired members, and more.

5. Random Club Member  You can randomly choose a Member from one of your Clubs and then post them as a winner on your Club page or Tweet it out.

6. Shouts  You can now post your MFC News Feed entries on MFC Share as Shouts. These show up for 24 hours at the top of your MFC Share profile as well as on the new MFC Share Activity Stream.

AVN Show Las Vegas Jan 23-26

September 25, 2018 at 7:31 PM

Registration for the AVN Show in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel, January 23-26 is now open!

Models, if you're interested in coming, please e-mail Model Support to be put on the list for tickets and for all the events.

MFC VIP ROOM BLOCK INFO: Like last year, we reserved multiple floors in the best and most convenient part of the Hard Rock Hotel exclusively for MFC models. After you e-mail model support to be put on the list for tickets, your AVN registration confirmation e-mail will contain a special link to book the hotel room in this private room block.  The price you see when you try to book through the special link will be lower than the normal price, as MFC is paying part of the cost. Of course, staying in the room block is totally optional.

Here's a tentative schedule of MFC evening events that week:

Tuesday Jan 22 - Official MFC Model Meetup
Wednesday Jan 23 - Meetup/Concert
Thursday Jan 24 - SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque (Blackheart Burlesque at AVN 2018)
Friday Jan 25 - MFC Club Night / Concert (Can we top Lil Wayne?)
Saturday Jan 26 - AVN Awards - All MFC models get a ticket to watch the AVN Awards live from the private balcony!