2022 MFC Model Madness
- 2022 Model Madness Tip War Competition -
Let the Madness Begin!

Recap Video from the 2020 Model Madness Tournament

Full Recap from Last Year

Model Madness, the ultimate tip war for cam girls, is a tip war tournament in the bracket style of March Madness, hosted by content creators Brielle Day and Emily Bloom. In the first round, 64 models will go head-to-head in one-hour tip wars, bringing fun and excitement to the screen. Winners will advance against each other until one is crowned the Model Madness Champion. The MyFreeCams members will play an essential part in the competition as supporting their favorite models and contributing to the tip wars will help determine each round's winner. The losing models participate in innocent punishments, such as a pie to the face, wearing outrageous costumes, and other harmless but entertaining acts. Models who make it to the later rounds will receive prize packages provided by MyFreeCams. The Model Madness Champion will be honored with a special trophy, and of course, all the glory! So are you ready? Me too! Let the madness begin... 🏆

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2022 Model Madness Admin Tip War
(Friday, April 15th 5-6pm pacific)

BrielleDay vs EmilyBloom
Winner: BrielleDay

2022 Model Madness Championship
(Thursday, April 7th 7:30-8:30pm pacific)
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Xylia vs DahliaIsDopey
Winner: DahliaIsDopey

The Championship round of Model Madness was an extremely close war with insane last minute tip bombs! And after all the excitement, we now have our 2022 Champion! Congratulations to DahliaIsDopey for securing the lead in every single round and emerging as the 2022 Model Madness victor! Well done! 👏 

And congratulations to Xylia and her room as well for making it to the final Championship round! You put up an incredible fight and held strong through the entire competition. You truly are a powerhouse 🙌
Round 5 Recap
(March 28th-April 3rd; 1 hour wars)
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 - Friday, April 1st -

ItsMar vs Xylia | Winner: Xylia
7:00pm pacific | Loser dressed like a duck and listened to the Duck song!


DahliaIsDopey vs SouthrnSophie | Winner: DahliaIsDopey
8:00pm pacific | Loser took a pie to the face!

Round 4 Recap
(March 21st-27th; 1 hour wars)Click on each model's name below to be taken to her live chatroom or MFC page!

 - Friday, March 25th -

AphiaDeMieux vs Xylia
6:30pm pacific | Loser ate 10 Bertie Botts every flavor beans at random!
Winner: Xylia

MissMao vs ItsMar
7:00pm pacific | Loser did a silly dance as a creepy baby!
Winner: ItsMar

 - Saturday March 26th -

LanaTy vs vs SouthrnSophie
4:30pm pacific | Loser got covered in ranch and  listened to an annoying song for 30 minutes straight!
Winner: SouthrnSophie

 - Sunday March 27th -

DahliaIsDopey vs WildThyme
6:30pm pacific | Loser did man makeup!
Winner: DahliaIsDopey 

Round 3 Recap
(March 14th-20th; 1 hour wars)
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 - Thursday, March 17th -

AphiaDeMieux vs MirBee
3:00pm pacific | Loser did 20 hits to the face with a dildo!
Winner: AphiaDeMieux

Samtastic_ vs LanaTy
4:30pm pacific | Loser wrote the winner's name on their body!
Winner: LanaTy

MissMao vs Stellable
6:00pm pacific | Loser did makeup with opposite hand!
Winner: MissMao

DahliaIsDopey vs NelParker
8:00pm pacific | Loser dressed like a Leprechaun and attempted to river dance!
Winner: DahliaIsDopey

GingerMFC vs Xylia
8:00pm pacific | Loser wrote the opponent's name on their ass in green and did 100 spanks!
Winner: Xylia

 - Friday, March 18th -

SweetMango_ vs ItsMar
6:00pm pacific | Loser did clown makeup!
Winner: ItsMar

 - Saturday March 19th -

SouthrnSophie vs KittyCorner7:00pm pacific | Loser took a shot made of pickle juice, lime juice and hot sauce!
Winner: SouthrnSophie

WildThyme vs BrattyBel
11:00pm pacific | Loser wore ramen as a wig!
Winner: WildThyme

Round 2 Recap
(March 7th-13th; 1 hour wars)
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Round 2 Recap Video

 - Wednesday, March 9th -

Xylia vs Stephanie
7:00pm pacific | Loser ate a cupcake with hot sauce on top!
Winner: Xylia

BrattyBel vs BladeBunny
7:00pm pacific | Loser did 50 spanks with a Hitachi!
Winner: BrattyBel

 - Thursday, March 10th -

MinnieMoralia vs MissMao
5:00pm pacific | Loser did man makeup, then tried to "shoot their shot" with the winner!
Winner: MissMao

Samtastic_ vs Mymaryangel
6:00pm pacific | Loser had to sit on a plate of whipped cream!
Winner: Samtastic_

Stellable vs ZillyKitty
6:00pm pacific | Loser did cupcake titties!
Winner: Stellable

SpiceNova vs SouthrnSophie
8:00pm pacific | Loser did their makeup left-handed!
Winner: SouthrnSophie

 - Friday, March 11th -

WildThyme vs petal_
1:00pm pacific | Loser dressed up like a bunny and gave a carrot a blowjob!
Winner: WildThyme

LilyKush vs SweetMango_
7:30pm pacific | Loser filled belly button with soy sauce and ate sushi off their body!
Winner: SweetMango_

DahliaIsDopey vs AlexisWildest
7:30pm pacific | Loser covered themselves in maple syrup!
Winner: DahliaIsDopey

 - Saturday March 12th -

MirBee or ArianaFoxxx
1:00pm pacific | Loser took a tequila shot with hot sauce on Hitachi!
Winner: MirBee

AphiaDeMieux vs NatNatNatNat
:30pm pacific | Loser covered themselves in glitter and oil!Winner: AphiaDeMieux
NelParker vs Crystal_MFC
4:00pm pacific | Loser sang the national anthem of the other's country while using their vibrator!
Winner: NelParker

LanaTy vs HeyKate
4:30pm pacific | Loser wore a ramen noodle wig!
Winner: LanaTy

MissxJess vs ItsMar
6:00pm pacific | Loser does a shot of maple syrup!
Winner: ItsMar

KittyCorner vs Cynpai
 7:00pm pacific | Loser wore a ridiculous outfit for 20 minutes!
Winner: KittyCorner

GingerMFC vs SassySarah94
8:00pm pacific | Loser does a surprise punishment!
Winner: GingerMFC

Round 1 Recap
(March 1st-6th; 1 hour wars)
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Round 1 Recap Video

 - Tuesday, March 1st -

Crystal_MFC vs itslo
12:00pm pacific | Loser took an ice bath!
Winner: Crystal_MFC

RaeRiley vs Xylia
6:30pm pacific | Loser did the Macarena dance with an animal mask on!
Winner: Xylia

SpiceNova vs Dr_MylaBanks
8:30pm pacific | Loser picked up an Eggo waffle with their buttcheeks!
Winner: SpiceNova

 - Wednesday, March 2nd -

 - Thursday, March 3rd -

PinkCarnival vs petal_
2:00pm pacific | Loser did a tasting of hot sauces! Winner cooled off with an ice cream sundae!Winner: petal_

Schatze_Blake vs WildThyme
4:00pm pacific | Loser got a cake in the face!
Winner: WildThyme

SavannahSteel vs MinnieMoralia
5:00pm pacific | Loser read a sex story backwards!
Winner: MinnieMoralia

SweetMango_ vs Cherryfaeriee
6:00pm pacific | Loser painted their face to match a pink cartoon character!
Winner: SweetMango_

Stellable vs LexaLuv
7:00pm pacific | Loser did a surprise punishment!
Winner: Stellable

Calipassion vs AphiaDeMieux
7:30pm pacific | Loser got covered in whipped cream & Lucky Charms!
Winner: AphiaDeMieux

Natalia_Rae vs SassySarah94
7:30pm pacific | Loser did egg roulette on head!
Winner: SassySarah94

MermaidMiley vs MissMao
8:00pm pacific | Loser recited a Shakespeare verse while doing spanks while using a Hitachi!
 Winner: MissMao

 - Friday, March 4th -

MissxJess vs BlairLennox
4:00pm pacific | Loser sat on a whipped cream pie!
 Winner: MissxJess

NelParker vs Harli_Lotts
5:00pm pacific | Loser wore a silly costume & ASMR read a text chosen by the winner!
 Winner: NelParker
Mymaryangel vs AkiraxAura
7:00pm pacific | Loser peeled a banana with their feet!
 Winner: Mymaryangel

Nikibutterfly vs Stephanie
8:00pm pacific | Loser ate 2 lemons!Winner: Stephanie

CherryBanks vs HeyKate
8:00pm pacific | Loser drank an olive martini with a side of olives!
Winner: HeyKate

DahliaIsDopey vs KristieBish
8:00pm pacific | Loser painted themselves green!
Winner: DahliaIsDopey

LilyKush vs MollySimons
8:30pm pacific | Loser dressed as a bunny and gave a carrot a blowjob!
Winner: LilyKush

GingerMFC vs IvyGrace
8:30pm pacific | Loser did a surprise punishment!
Winner: GingerMFC

BritanyBomber vs ItsMar
9:00pm pacific | Loser turned their boobs into basketballs and did a straight shot!
Winner: ItsMar

FoxyDame vs AlexisWildest
9:00pm pacific | Loser dressed as a Shakespearean actress & read Dr. Seuss!
Winner: AlexisWildest

WynterQuinnXO vs Cynpai
9:00pm pacific | Loser got covered with a box of Lucky Charms and milk!
Winner: Cynpai

AnnaCovens vs ArianaFoxxx
11:00pm pacific | Loser did 100 squats with a Hitachi/wand & 100 paddle spanks!
Winner: ArianaFoxxx

 - Saturday, March 5th -

NatNatNatNat vs BonnieWest_
12:00pm pacific | Loser painted body with multiple colors and rolled around on a canvas!
Winner: NatNatNatNat

SouthrnSophie vs Lil_Monki
2:00pm pacific | *No punishment* - SouthrnSophie goes to round 2. Half of all tokens earned were donated to Ukrainian charities 🇺🇦
Winner: SouthrnSophie

scarthornee vs LanaTy
2:30pm pacific | Loser took a gross shot & winner picked a new username for the loser!
Winner: LanaTy

BladeBunny vs KandiiKitten
4:00pm pacific | Loser drank milk out of a bowl while meowing!
Winner: BladeBunny

KittyCorner vs MollySnacks
6:00pm pacific | Loser wrote on their body while winner controled their Lush toy!
Winner: KittyCorner

ZillyKitty vs AvalynnRose
6:00pm pacific | Loser did clown makeup!
Winner: ZillyKitty

MsSweet_Tits vs BrattyBel
9:00pm pacific | Loser covered themself in chocolate syrup and flour!
Winner: BrattyBel

 - Sunday, March 6th -

MirBee vs AprilJames
10:00am pacific | Loser ate a whipped cream pickle!
Winner: MirBee

ChaoticRose_ vs Samtastic_
4:30pm pacific | Loser got covered in beer!
Winner: Samtastic_